October 5, 2019

Metal security spikes on the garden perimeter wall

The need for security for your home or property is one of the most important concerns of your living. Be it your backyard or your big farm, you will need to secure it with a wall and fence security spikes. Perimeter security has been a choice of security for householders as well as small and large business organisations for safeguarding their property from intruders, burglars, and theft. There are high-quality metal security spikes which can prevent any such activities and warn the unwanted visitors to keep off your property.

There are two types of wall spikes, namely razor spikes and razor channel spikes. You can use either of them to protect your backyard or garden. These spikes are manufactured with sharp blades, which can hurt the intruders if they to jump over them. They also need no maintenance as it only gets more dangerous as it grows older.

You need to be extra careful of your own safety while installing the spikes. The sharp edges of the spikes can hurt you if you are installing it on your own, or it can cause damage to whoever will be doing that job. It needs proper attention and assistance to complete the job properly.

The metal security spikes can be further available in more types for different applications depending on the place, value, and area of the property. These spikes are made for anti-climbing application making it impossible for the outsider to jump over it.


The metal spikes can be installed around your house and is pretty popular among the house owners who often face issues with cats, foxes, and monkeys damaging their gardens. These spikes are fitted over the garden fence and walls and can even fit on top of the entrance gate. It will prevent animals, intruders, kids from climbing into your garden and damaging your property.

The razor security spikes can also be installed at the commercial spaces such as your store which is in a locality which is vulnerable for theft and burglary. You can use these security spikes to prevent any unnoticed entranced from around the place except for your main door. You can install the security spikes if you own a private jewellery store, tech store, or even a big shopping mall which has a huge area and higher chances of burglars entering from different sides of the property.

The security spikes are majorly used in the boundary walls of big organisations for top security measures, along with security cameras and personnel. There are several designs and colours available for the choice of different organisations for the suitability to the infrastructure of the place. Buildings like courts, schools, government offices, banks are the most benefitted buildings of wall spikes.

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