July 25, 2019


A good night’s sleep is much more important than you think as it is not just about sleeping well but also about having good health. If you are having difficulty sleeping, it means that you are not sleeping on the right mattress. In this article, we are going to be discussing the most common types of mattresses which can help you attain the best sleep you have been missing.

Memory foam

One of the most common types of mattress we find today is memory foam as it provides not only great support but also provides maximum comfort, which is a wonderful choice. It offers your body support where it needs the most no matter if you sleep on your side or your back. It fits the contour of your body and allows you to feel the comfort. Due to the many layers being stacked together, it is foam resistant, which eliminates the tendency of the mattress to flip.


This is a smart layer where a gel is added to the top layer of the foam mattress, which allows support. This mattress gives you a very relaxed feeling, which helps dissipate your body heat more efficiently as the smart get help to absorb the body heat help you cool in the process. If you are looking for the most comfortable mattresses available a gel mattress is you perfect bet.

Pillow tops

Pillow tops mattresses are for those who do not want to go with memory foam or the gel mattress. Pillow tops mattress has an additional layer of upholstery which is very soft and cushiony that allows your body to sink into the mattress to give your maximum back comfort as they are generally used with innerspring or coil mattress.


Innerspring is a coil mattress which has an internal support metal springs which can provide maximum support with the number of coils in the mattress. These beds have various spring shapes with coil gauges that affects the quality of back support and promotes a night of better sleep.

Water Bed

Water beds as the name suggest having some of the most primary support systems which was is best for back sleepers. These beds consist of rectangular chambers which limit the wave formations. These waveless beds do not move and provide the support as well as flexibility by not being distracted by the water.

Air beds

These are like water beds but have air instead of water. There are air chambers are generally padded with foam and fibre upholstery. These chambers are adjustable allows you to adjust the firmness of your mattress as you like. These beds are great for back sleepers as well as couples.

Adjustable Bases

An adjustable base mattress is one of the most flexible types of mattress which offers support to the parts where you need the most. You can adjust the base to elevate your head or raise your feet while providing more support to the back. This bed is perfect if you deal with sleep-related problems like back pains or muscle aches, etc.

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