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How technology is changing the construction industry

construction industry

Technology is rapidly advancing through many sectors and the construction company is one of them. There have been many advances in the construction sector through technology. Some of the major breakthroughs are listed below.


Mobile Devices and Apps

The biggest advantage about mobile phones is that you can do your work through the phone without even being on the job site. That is what made the breakthrough of mobile phones and apps into this industry a big one. It is not just a mobile phone or an app that makes a difference. Heavy-duty devices are made specifically for field work which boast features like rugged construction, better screen, inbuilt barcode scanner and radio frequency identification.


BIM is another widely implemented technology. BIM stands for Building Information Model and recent versions incorporate an increasing amount of information. Nowadays, BIMs are connected to devices in the field, where real-time sharing enhances productivity. It is mostly used for an expanding range of team members who have simultaneous access to a project BIM model.



Laser Scanning

It is another method which offers enormous efficiency when it comes to assessing sites or as-built conditions. The major advantage of laser scanning is that, with laser scanning very detailed geometric information in the form of “point cloud” data is captured. They are very accurate and shows the true conditions of a space. These are majorly used to analyze potential clashes between existing conditions and new building elements.



Another term used to define a drone is Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). They are equipped with cameras and they are used to collect information in locations that humans cannot access. Captured images can support site assessment and inspections and also augment the understanding of progress. Improvements focus on advanced cameras and lenses for better images.


GPS Tracking

It has been a boon for any company that manages an equipment fleet. The GPS hardware installed communicates with a home base via satellite enabling managers to see where their vehicles are in real time. Future improvements in GPS tracking would be better interconnectedness with other systems.

Top five Construction Project Management Softwares

construction softwares

What is Construction Project Management? It is an application of Project Management discipline for different construction project types. These types include agricultural, residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, etc. CPM implements various operations, develops communication and mechanisms, maximizes resource efficiency, and a lot more.

CPM benefits in utilizing applications and tools that automate administration tasks, manage workload, promote real-time communication, etc.

Here are the top five Project Management softwares:



CoConstruct is currently the highest rated custom builder and remodeler software. It was founded by Donny Wyatt in 2005, after he and his wife hired a custom home builder and it led to be a horrific mess. It was designed for builders, remodelers and design-build firms. It helps you to coordinate with your team, communicate with clients and trade partners and control everything that happens in a custom building. It has many impressive features including a calendar feature that helps coordinate schedules and make sure deadlines are met.




GenieBelt is an online project management software. It was designed and created by professionals in the construction industry who were frustrated about how a project is managed. They make use of modern technology, like, cloud computing and mobile apps.They enable its users to quickly and effectively collaborate to regain control of their projects, save time and costs, and deliver satisfaction to its customers.



It is a cloud-based construction software suite for estimating, project management, job cost control, scheduling, and collaboration. The customers have the ability to access their lead and project information anywhere, anytime via browser or a mobile device, to make quick and informed decisions.



It is again a cloud-based CPM software designed for the construction industry by Procore Technologies. It is used to provide a simple but secure cloud-based application. It does so by using the latest web technologies. It can manage multiple projects, invite unlimited collaborators, etc. It has a drawing management tool and a change order system.


It is again a cloud-based job management software delivered as Software-as-a-Service. It has tools for leads,quotes,timesheets, job management and invoicing. It has a convenient pricing for a user per month. It is ideal for architects, building and construction professionals, etc.


5 Ultimate Construction Ideas


Everyone on social media that is in the construction business has their own opinions about the definitive ideas of construction.

A significant innovation in the construction business is to build with modern steel. You can erect a lightweight skeleton, that is created with galvanised steel profiles to support the structure and layer it with internal and external boards to provide insulation. Most modern designs have light steel structures.

A construction company recently saved a client a load of money by using ground-breaking concrete slab technology. It is a patented system and replaced up to 35% of a real slap with air-filled plastic bubbles that act as a void. The bubble is inserted into the slab and held in place by strengthening steel mesh on the top and bottom. The bubbles substitute concrete without losing structural strength.


Cement is one of the most extensively used materials in the building. Cracking of cement is a huge concern in construction. Contact with water and chemicals causes cracking. Researchers are looking to develop a self-healing concrete. They will use a mixture that consists of bacteria within microcapsules which will germinate when water enters a crack to produce limestone. This method will plug the rupture before water and oxygen have a chance to oxidise the steel reinforcement. The days of plastering in the old way where you have two workers, one would mix the cement and then chuck it on to the wall while the other will coat the cement on the wall. The method has changed dynamically. Now you have a plaster sprayer. So now spraying the mortar on to the wall instead of doing it the conventual way is so much easier.

Using photovoltaic glazing turning the whole building into the solar panel will make buildings generate their electricity. Solar panelling will save money on electricity bills, and its cost is marginal over the traditional glass.
Kinetic energy is a tremendous new development taking London and the world by storm. It enables flooring to harness the power of footsteps. It works best where a substantial flow of people will pass over it. Roads use the same type of Kinetic energy. A tire-like rubber paving alters the kinetic energy produced by moving vehicles into electrical power.

The world of construction is becoming modernised by using technology and software to help solve problems. One can find many items on sale that promote the construction workers to do their work more efficient and quicker than before. Brick layering and plastering and even concrete mixing have changed.
You get stickers that look like bricks but is not, and you will find mortar pointing guns for sale which is excellent for wall restorations and roofing applications or even precise grouting. The fact is there are so much more unique construction ideas than only five.


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